Roomba 960 vs. 980: What’s The Difference?

Robot Roomba 960 and 980 are some of the most preferred vacuum cleaners on the market. Although these two models come from the same brand, a few distinct features may make one model stand out from the other one.

Below we are going to share some comparison features that either show similarities or difference between these two robot vacuums.

Roomba 960 vs Roomba 980: Differences


  1. The price. The Roomba 980 is an upgraded version of Roomba 960, and it is also sold at a higher price as opposed to the 960 model. The rate is higher with 200 dollars since the 960 model retails at 699 while Roomba 980 retails at 899 dollars. The price of the second model may be higher because of the added features.
  2. The weight. If you are buying these two models based on which one weighs less, then Roomba 960 is the right vacuum to buy. The Roomba 960 weighs 8.5 pounds while 980 weighs 8.7 pounds which is not too much of a difference.
  3. Battery life. The durability of an Irobot battery is one essential comparison that most customers look at when buying Roomba vacuum cleaners. You need a vacuum that will clean a relatively large space without the battery running out. So, when it comes to the battery life, the Roomba 980 model lasts longer than the 960 model. The battery lasts up to 120 minutes while the 960 model only lasts for 75 minutes.
  4. Carpet boost. The 980 model is equipped with a carpet boost feature whereby it automatically increases its cleaning power to provide a profound cleaning effect when it gets to the carpeted area a feature that the 960 model lacks.

Roomba 960 vs Roomba 980: Similarities


Although these two options have differences, they also feature a few characteristics that are the same. The similarities are seen on:

  • Multi-room navigation. Both options are equipped with a sensor which enables them to sense and maneuver around the different rooms in the house for efficient cleaning.
  • Self-charging. In the case the battery dies in the process of cleaning, both devices can stop, recharge and resume the cleaning.
  • Schedule setting. It is easy to set up the cleaning time on both Roomba vacuum cleaners as they are equipped with a button for setting the cleaning time.
  • Tangle-free debris extractors. Both models can continually clean the house even in areas that have a lot of mess since they are made with tangle-free debris extractor that clears all debris on the floor.
  • iRobot home app. The two vacuum cleaners are equipped with an app that allows the user to connect the robot vacuum cleaners to a smart device such as a smartphone to ensure excellent control from anywhere.

Who should buy the Roomba 980?

This Irobot cleaning vacuum model is suitable for people with small kids or pets living in the house. It is equipped with powerful cleaning features as it provides 10 x faster 3 stage Aero force cleaning power than other models. It is also equipped with carpet boost feature which ensures that the vacuum cleans all rooms including around the carpeted area.

Who should buy the Roomba 960?

The 960 model is suitable for people who need a robot vacuum cleaner at a pocket-friendly price. It is relatively cheaper as opposed to the 980 models with about 200 dollars and it is also light in weight.


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