Multifunctional vacuum cleaner

Multifunctional vacuum cleaner – Wet & dry cleaning

A well-known South Korean “LG Electronics” for many decades is the largest manufacturer and it is also a large-scale supplier of appliances for domestic needs and electronics. Among the numerous range of products offered, a separate place is assigned to vacuum cleaners of the brand “LG”.

Universal popularity among consumers, which they have earned thanks to an exceptionally unique and innovative compression and filtration technology, makes vacuum cleaners easier and better. Among the quality cleaners of our house from dust and dirt, LG has variants of all kinds. They are represented by different models: classic (conventional), washing, double filtration system, with dust bags and without them.

Pay close attention to the model LG V-K9855ND, it is great for wet cleaning of premises and is suitable for carpet on latex base, and for tiles or tiled surfaces – it is simply irreplaceable. Schematic diagram of the work of LG V-K9855ND is quite simple. Diluted with water detergent should simply be poured into a special container.

Further, under high pressure, an even distribution is achieved, the detergent composition is transferred through the hose. Waste dirty liquid is automatically collected and placed in a special tank, where they settle there until the end of the vacuum cleaner.

This prevents the contaminated composition from mixing with clean water, thereby ensuring effective cleaning.

Surprisingly, but detergent vacuum cleaners, among which LG V-K9855ND is very effective and is successfully used for dry cleaning. Experts believe that for this work, to replace the classic type of vacuum cleaner, it can not. However, in practice, owners of standard apartments rarely purchase two different types of vacuum cleaners for cleaning their homes, most of them use a vacuum cleaner of one model.

The advantage of LG V-K9855ND lies in the variety of different tools that can be effectively used in a variety of situations (clean windows, vacuuming furniture in hard-to-reach places, in showers and bathrooms).

Advantages and disadvantages of LG V-K9855ND


  • Complete apartment cleaning, with the ability to effectively use one device for high-quality
    dry or wet house cleaning;
  • Possibility to wash the floors, and the surface of large rooms using a squeegee;
  • In the event of an unforeseen, emergency spill of detergent composition, it is possible to quickly assemble it without exposing the room and the damp room;
  • There is a collection of medium and large debris (for example, fallen leaves on the threshold of the house);
  • Window cleaning does not require different staircases, tables and stools, which minimizes the risk of injury


  • Larger dimensions, when compared with conventional vacuum cleaners of the classical type;
  • After any cleaning, it is necessary to disassemble the vacuum cleaner to wash and dry;
  • According to some experts, this vacuum cleaner after cleaning the surface leaves a part of the cleaning liquid on it.

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