Multi-Cooker – Tips how to choose

Multi-Cooker – the leader of sales in home appliances stores! After all, this wonderful device can replace your pot, oven, steamer, deep fryer and even a bread maker! And, it seems, what could be better than such a kitchen assistant? But even he can fail, if you choose a poor-quality device!

Subdivided into two categories

  • pressure cookers (pressure cookers): hold the vapor pressure during cooking. They feature a sturdy construction with a steel multi-layer bowl and induction heater. Due to the high pressure that occurs inside the bowl, the boiling point of water rises to 120 ° C. Products cook much faster;
  • models, cooking without pressure: do not hold the pressure inside the bowl, and bleed it through a special valve.

Before you decide what crock-pick to choose for the house, pay attention to the bowl.


The volume of the bowl varies from 1.6 liters to 7 or more:

  • for a family of two, 2.5 liters or less is sufficient;
  • optimal volume for a family of two to four people – 3-4.5 liters;
  • for a large family, choose a bowl of 5-6.5 liters – it will be possible to prepare the optimal amount of food immediately.

To know how to choose a multicooker, consider that the internal coating of the bowl is of three main types:

  • non-stick;
  • teflon;
  • ceramic.

All types of saucepans are durable and convenient in the process of cooking. Easy to clean.


  • the presence of handles on the bowl and on the case will make any carrying easier and faster;
  • The power cord can be connected to the device through the socket or directly. So, it is better than a model without a nest, since a runaway liquid in case of a breakdown, for example, can easily fill it;
  • after operation, the device should always be washed, including attention to the steam valve;
  • the presence of a lock against accidental opening.

What to look for when buying?

First of all, this is the volume of the bowl. In this parameter, be guided by the number of members of your family. And secondly, a set of functions and programs – here you need to think about what and in what quantities you will cook in a slow cooker. Well, the presence of various useful things, which we discussed above.


Brand models Vitek, Polaris, Supra are among the easiest available, but have the necessary minimum of programs. The Philips brand is a strong middling with a good coating of the bowl, which is not harmed by washing in the dishwasher. Panasonic company called among the best. Its multicookers have a thoughtful design, robust housing, high-quality display and a long service life.

What is the result?

This is certainly an ergonomic and very useful invention and necessary in any kitchen that will help reduce the time of cooking and save all the useful substances. However, the process of preparation and the degree of readiness to control you will fail. Although

This many still do not consider a minus.

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