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High-quality home acoustics – a necessary attribute of modern high-end housing. High-quality rich sound allows you to feel at the premiere of a blockbuster in the cinema, sitting at this moment on your favorite home sofa.

Such systems vary greatly in price, as well as in the quality of materials, dimensions, power, and sound, and therefore home acoustics are a subject that must be chosen wisely. Our today’s rating will try to help you find the best quality home speaker system that best suits your goals and objectives.

Acoustic systems are a common name for a huge variety of devices, however all of them are created with one goal: to reproduce sound. “Audiomania” specializes in high-quality acoustics – the so-called Hi-Fi (“high fidelity”, or “high accuracy”). The skill that allows engineers to design the highest-quality speakers is, first and foremost, in the attention to detail. Acoustic systems of Hi-Fi class are assembled from expensive components, using special materials and high-precision modern technologies and, unlike cheaper multimedia systems, fully comply with generally accepted standards of high-precision sound reproduction.

Sonos Playbar


This active bookshelf can be used to create 3.1 and 5.1 systems in combination with satellites and a subwoofer of the same brand. And you can just use it as a standalone soundbar for TV. Acoustics is focused on watching movies, it is not very suitable for listening to music.


  • shelf or wall placement;
  • digital optical input;
  • separate amplification on each of the speakers;
  • Internet radio support;
  • automatic equalization sound.


  • easy connection and setup;
  • can be combined with Sonos speakers and subwoofer via a wireless connection;
  • Great for gaming and watching movies.


  • not enough bass, for full sound better to buy at least a subwoofer.

Cambridge Audio S30

Cambridge Audio S30

The front panel of the tweeter is cut out as such, in order to bring the two speakers (high frequency and low frequency) together for better integration. The design of the speakers allows the use of a simplified crossover between them, and for an even better effect, the speakers are connected separately with two sets of cables.

The volume of the cabinet (case) is deep enough, on the back panel the connection block and the phase inverter are combined. The columns are designed for use at a distance of at least 8 cm from the wall.

Victorious power and clarity. This is a great speaker system that combines the winning power of a beat and the clarity of sound. Bass does not become rumbling, even if the frequency range drops to 59 Hz, it is impressive, but not annoying, being fast and accurate, filling any music with energy, be it hard rock or classical music.

But the S30 is especially good at medium and high frequencies, and it seems that this is directly related to the minimum crossover used. The voices are open and clear, and the instruments, from acoustic to electronic, sound great and, when needed, powerful.

Install these speakers on sufficiently heavy racks at a slight angle towards the listener, and you will get a well-focused audio salon, with a really good, spatial sound.

S30 corresponds to the well-known Cambridge acoustics formula: it looks cool, sounds excellent, and offers an intriguing alternative to recognized favorites at its level.


  • powerful
  • very decent bass for such a small speaker system.
  • beautiful design
  • great price


  • The design is not everyone will like
  • A housing of considerable depth is not suitable for all users.

Bose Acoustimass 5

Bose Acoustimass 5

The first place of our TOP acoustics of an average price category belongs to BOSE Acoustimass 5, made in a minimalist form factor and equipped with a pair of Direct / Reflecting Series II compact speakers. This set is already firmly established on the tops of comparative reviews of acoustics, while competing on equal terms with a higher price category.

In this set of acoustics, almost everything is admirable, because by the quality of sound transmission it is difficult for him to find an alternative in its segment. As for the build quality, here you can be absolutely calm – it is perfect. Acoustimass module is responsible for the transmission of the sound palette in general, as well as the bass in particular.

And he copes with it just great. A further confirmation of this is the reviews on relevant forums from the owners, in which the overwhelming majority are laudatory epithets. The kit includes branded high-quality cables and fixtures, allowing you to easily install the system.

The ergonomics and appearance of the satellites allow it to fit into absolutely any living space. If we compare it with the previous Acoustimass 3 model, we can talk about a noticeable increase in the system capacity. In this case, the hero of our today’s review is the undisputed leader in the exploitation of this kit in fairly large spaces.


  • Good equipment
  • Powerful system
  • Excellent value for money
  • Sound quality


  • Not used during use.

Boston Acoustics A 25

Boston Acoustics A 25

Boston Acoustics A 25 compact and slightly convex speakers are equipped with magnetic removable grids and are made with the unusual combination of the latest (black gloss) and traditional materials (vinyl covering made under the skin) – the impression is as if you are watching your granny in Nike sneakers .

The A-25 chip is a 25-mm dome tweeter and a 13 cm middle-bass diffuser on the front panel, and a phase inventory at the back along with a movable mount for hanging.

The system is completely free and unpretentious in terms of placement and can serve well as a suspended acoustics, but in order for it to sound better, a small amount of free space is required and this inevitably leads to a choice in favor of location on special racks or shelves.

The sound is impressive. With a twinkle, but not overly zealous, open, but pleasantly focused, the A-25 sounds balanced and without excesses. With it, you can appreciate how good First Aid Kit’s is in a song When I Grow Up.

This model has excellent resolution at the top level, at the average it sounds just as balanced and confident, and it has enough tonal variations below to compensate for a slight lack of pressure.

Decent thing. The entire frequency range is perfectly integrated, and the sound of Boston makes you feel great – even the most complex recordings delight you with the harmony of sound that you can hardly find anywhere else at that price.


  • surround, exciting,
  • not childish sound, with medium resolution


  • The bass is not too convincing.
  • housing made from an intricate mix of materials

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