Diamond Mattress and Other Affordable Home Decor Ideas For Less

Over the past several decades, home décor trends have moved past themes and overly matching colour schemes and have, instead, begun to incorporate home decorating ideas from various periods and countries. This not only provides for a more interesting overall living space, but also allows for extensive creativity within a budget.

Best Materials

Wood, metals, and combinations of both are perhaps one of the most affordable home décor ideas, making it easier than ever to work with the home rather than against it. Here, we see beautiful wood trim and details, which are common in older homes, mixed with a few edgier metal pieces to provide a modern flare. In the past, many would rip out wood trim or paint over it, increasing the cost and labour involved in remodelling.

Now, a room filled with quality wood can be updated with a new light fixture and brighter accent pieces, which is a far cry from ripping out anything coming from a tree to create the clean, modern lines prized a decade ago.


Vintage-inspired and colourful furniture is one of the most trendy home décor styles right now, and can be both affordable and easily worked into most spaces. These home decorating ideas incorporate cost-effective, vintage-inspired furniture that is either well maintained or updated, and incorporates these unique styles into a space with more modern fixtures and colour schemes. This is the perfect blend of form and function, turning something that is often viewed as purely utilitarian, like a sofa, and turning it into a focal point of a room. Read latest Diamond mattress review to understand how these blends can work on practice.

Colours and Shades

When it comes to colour selection, anything goes these days, making affordable home décor that much more accessible. Muted bolds is the current trend, as shown here with rusted oranges, safari greens, and darker blues. Some moderate clashing is encouraged, and using pieces of furniture or home décor items for colour instead relying on paint gives a home a crisp, clean edge that can be updated or changed around depending on your current style. In the same vein, colour can be used to transform a space, as seen in our football-fan inspired bedroom. Playing it safe is no longer necessary or even expected.


This vintage meets modern approach is even more apparent when it comes to the accessories used in a home. From classic marketing signs to beautiful pieces of art repurposed as light fixtures, a trip to several thrift stores or antique hot spots can lead to some of the most creative and personalized spaces we’ve seen in decades.

In the past, each season was dedicated to a certain style (i.e., French, country, modern, Victorian) or specific colour schemes (turquoise and brown, that red accent wall, etc.). Thankfully, we’ve finally advanced to incorporating all of these, making it possible for people to truly express their style when it comes to their home.

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